Visual Mosaics 
Mosaic systems are designed to be highly visual. Coloured graphics and sharp clear symbols that complement electrical components such as meters, switches and lamps, ensures any amount of data can be displayed in an easy to view and operate package

Versatile Mosaics
Our mosaics are versatile enough to suit any requirement. As all our mosaics are made to bespoke customer requirements, we can concept, design, and manufacture any type of visual display system. No matter how complicated the process, we can meet your needs

Modular Mosaics 
Our mosaic systems are constructed from individual tiles, installed into an alloy or polycarbonate structure that can be any size or shape. It is possible to fit any type of electrical equipment into our system. The design allows for a wide variety of electrical components to be installed with a minimum amount of fuss

Modify Mosaics
To have the opportunity to modify a system in the field once it has been installed with the ability to eliminate down time, minimise costs and implementation time, is one of the biggest assets of the mosaic system. We are able to make changes to a mosaic at any time during and long after the manufacture of the mimic, without disrupting operations